Utah The Scenic Wonder Is Truly Amazing

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Utah, The Scenic Wonder

This photo reminds me of  Utah the scenic wonder. It is one of the reasons we live here. Before living here I had never been to places like Zion, Morgan County where my Porter ancestors settled in early pioneer days, or even  to trails like this photo that are everywhere. Some of the most pleasant discoveries have been near the city and over the mountains. Over the river and through the woods to grandfathers house we’ll go seems appropriate here. Come on down, you Washington grandchildren, it’s great in and around Salt Lake, discover with me the scenic wonder.

It is in the spirit of this Thanksgiving Day that I refer you to my article naming 10 things I like about being in Salt Lake. That is our company real estate blog, so the flavor is real estate. But I am totally grateful to be living here and to live The Scenic Wonder Utah Is.

Here is a clip from the article:

It’s Thanksgiving. I Am Grateful to be Salt Lake City. It’s been the key to much joy and happiness. I have been pondering what to post regarding Thanksgiving on this MediaOne Real Estate Blog. I am a transplant to Salt Lake City from the Seattle area. I spent over 25 years there in the real estate business. As I was pondering what to write I decided to refer back to the often used 10 things list and list about the 10 things I am grateful to be in Salt Lake City and especially to be involved in real estate here.

I can say that I have pondered this topic for the last hour or two. I am grateful to be here and grateful I decided to be licensed here. As in all lists of ten there could be more than 10. Most lists are meant to be fun. I will try and make it fun. But mostly it is a sincere effort on my part to express why I am grateful to be involved in Real Estate here in Salt Lake City.

1- I am grateful to my wife Kathleen, for her support in my life and for her involvement in my career. She has always been this for and with me. She has many skills that I don’t have. She gave up her interior design company to insert her talents and attention to detail into making me a better agent for my clients. Walking through a home or condo, she memorizes the details. What a gift. She senses value and sees what makes a home special. She can help a client make good decisions.

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Larry K Cragun

Utah the scenic wonder Is Truly Amazing