Utah Real Estate Utah Living Utah?

Utah Real Estate Utah Living Utah Entertainment?

Utah Real Estate Utah Living

Utah Real Estate Utah Living

Pick Your Reason For Loving Utah, It’s All Good

Being involved with Utah Real Estate I have made it kind of a hobby of observing what it is that brings people to Utah. Utah as most know has a healthy employment climate. Not only are locals finding the environment good, companies like Goldman Sachs have been importing employees by the hundreds. Downtown Salt Lake City rentals are in short supply partially for this reason. The opening of City Creek Mall added to the downtown living needs. The LDS church headquarters brings in hundreds of volunteer missionaries to serve on Temple Square and in the Family History Genealogy department. Many of those come for periods of 12 to 18 months and end up loving it here and stay.

A family from New York State moved to Utah County simply for their children’s benefit. His private accounting practice gave him the flexibility to live anywhere. His family chose Pleasant Grove. A recent contact that is considering downtown Salt Lake City, also from New York City, wants to be involved with the ski community. She as an instructor. He needs employment in the Banking Software Industry. I have been able to make an interview possible with a company with offices in Lehi. Being city folks, they gave up on living right in Park City and prefer downtown Sale Lake City. Condo living suits them.

Kathleen and I, Seattle area transplants prefer downtown Salt Lake for convenience factors. City Creek Mall, Temple Square, The Conference Center, eating out, Trax, even a drive to the airport to pick up family is so very convenient. We have family here too, which helps. Last week we returned from visiting family in Seattle only to be reminded of how tired I got of the rain. I kept saying, “I love the Utah weather.” Even the cold weather is just fine.

The variety of day trips one can make appeal to us, Antelope Island is an example.

Our loving this area is a big reason I decided to sell Utah Real Estate. I had been in the business most of my life in the Seattle area, that plus the mortgage part of real estate. To me it is a natural part of Utah living and to us it is more Utah entertainment that work. MediaOne Real Estate is the second Utah Real Estate company I licensed with. I moved here because of the benefits to clients. We have agents that work from Pleasant View to South into Utah County. They are an exceptional group of professionals. You can find them on our corporate real estate site, click here.