Utah Is A Genealogy Center

Riverton FHL

Riverton Family History Library

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Genealogy is family history. It’s also the number one hobby in the world.

Where being a good researcher used to take a certification, even a college degree it is now available for all. Terrific strides are being accomplished world wide in finding records, indexing them and publishing them online. Just FamilySearch.org alone is uploading a million records a day for any of us to find. Ireland, once thought of as impossible for research has multiple websites uploading records. The government of Italy is one of many that has made arrangements for all of their birth, death, and marriage records to be digitized.

There is a one world tree available to all, FamilySearch family tree. It is a total  approach to genealogy where all participants can upload stories, photos, and records to their ancestor for all to enjoy. When in an ancestors file there are hints to records you can go and see, and then attach to the tree.

Genealogy is for all ages and all skill levels, beginners included. I recommend two large Utah family history libraries. One is in Riverton, Utah and the other is in downtown Salt Lake City. Both are well equipped and both are staffed by volunteers who are committed to serving any who walk in. The largest collection of records are in a huge vault in a granite mountain just outside of Salt Lake City. You can visit these two libraries, if they don’t have the records, or if they aren’t online, they can be ordered for same day or next day delivery. It’s all there including help. If you don’t have a FamilySearch account you can get it online at Family Search.org or by walking into the library.

One thing that has greatly improved my skill level is the 3rd Saturday of each month, December excluded, Saturday Seminar in the Riverton Family History Library, renamed FamilySearch center. It is open to all and well attended. It begins with an always interesting keynote talk followed by a selection of classes to take. I have always found a class that was interesting to me at my level and with my particular interests. Both libraries have assorted classes during all hours of the days and weeks.