Temple Square In Salt Lake City Utah

Temple Square In Sale Lake City

Temple Square in Salt Lake City is a year round hub for visitors from all parts of the world. First a slide show of Temple Square, below, and then I will point out details that you might enjoy.


Are you interested in genealogy? A question that might hit a broader sweep is are you interested in learning about your family history. There are two places on Temple Square in Salt Lake, actually three, where you can dig in and discover. In the bottom level of the Joesph Smith Memorial Building, pictured below, is a Family History Center and perhaps open by the time you arrive, a Discovery Center. Volunteers are on hand to introduce you to your family records.


The worlds largest family history library is across the street on the West Side of Temple Square. Billions of records are available on microfilm. There are several floors of computers with helpers to find your ancestors. Across from Temple Square to the North is the Church History Library. I found a diary of a great grandfather there.

Do you want to eat? There a few restaurants on Temple Square and my favorite, The Blue Lemon, is across the street to the South at the edge of City Creek Mall.

There are two visitor centers with interesting movies, statues, paintings, etc. You can learn a lot about The Mormons of course. A must visit is the awesome Conference Center. If you can attend a performance of some sort, even better. In the South visitors center you will find a cut away model of the Salt Lake Temple. Be sure and take a look.

Temple Square is the home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. In the busy summer months they perform and rehearse in the Conference Center. They prefer their home in the Tabernacle, a fall and winter place to perform. In both places they are a special visit.

There are often events open to the public taking place. For information on that click here