Six Downtown Salt Lake City Christmas Musts

Downtown Salt Lake City Christmas

Downtown Salt Lake City Christmas is just special. There are six downtown Salt Lake City Christmas Must do items for you to enjoy. I wonder if already you know what I am about to propose. It’s going to be hard to do them and not feel the spirit of Christmas. The list is diverse. One you can watch right now, whether you are downtown Salt Lake City Christmas or are at home. They vary from shopping for gifts for loved ones to enjoying a great indoor display to a great outdoor display.

First, start from home with this video, “He Is The Gift”


Downtown Salt Lake City Christmas


Next, now that you are in the spirit, hop on the number two must do: Trax. Don’t drive. Trax will be packed with happy holiday travelers. If it is cold all the better. Just cuddle up and enjoy the ride.

If you aren’t in a jolly holly mood by the time you reach the next stop, don’t worry, we have four more stops to take. The next one we just stumbled into, the Grand American Hotel. The Grand America knows how to deck the halls, and windows for Christmas. It’s a treat for young and former young. They have different events, including Santa. Click here to catch up on the what is happening. The displays are fun and worth the stop. Get off Trax at 4th Avenue.

Once you have soaked in the Grand America, catch Trax and head up to South Temple. Hopefully you have at least two hours left. Actually you could shop for two hours or more as you are now at City Creek. Swing by the fountain near Nordstroms for the fountain and fire display. I think that takes place at 8PM.

Downtown Salt Lake City Christmas

City Creek Fountain: Fire and Water


Here is A YouTube video of what you will see at the fountain


Now if you are like the awesome Kathleen you will make a stop at Macy’s checking out the specials.

Just North of the fountain is Deseret Books with  perhaps the most fun for family display of them all. It’s the apple cider making machine. It’s kind of unusual, but what the heck it seems to work.

Last stop, Temple Square. The lights and displays are terrific. What I like best is the nativity scene.

OK there you have it. My six Downtown Salt Lake City Christmas Musts. I guarantee you will enjoy them.

Downtown Salt Lake City Christmas