Salt Lake City Public Safety Building

A surprisingly interesting visit was when Kathleen dragged me  to visit the new 4 story Salt Lake City Public Safety Building. I recommend it as a visit. Located a 475 S 300 E it is in the downtown Salt Lake City area. The city and the architect pride themselves on it’s net zero energy efficiency. It is actually the first public building in the United States to generate as much energy as it consumes. Visible when going through the building are the large adjustable pole like support beams that are designed to give during an earthquake. Let’s hope we don’t experience one of this size but it is build to withstand a 7.5 earthquake, allowing it to still operate during such an event. It now houses Police, Fire, Salt Lake City 911 Dispatch, and an Emergency Operations Center while also providing state-of-the-art multi-use space for public festivals and gatherings on the public plaza.


ps1 Salt Lake City Public Safety Building

Salt Lake City Public Safety Building

This video is a virtual tour of the facility in case you aren’t able to enjoy a tour.


Of particular interest to me were the many museum artifacts such as the collection of badges in this display. Throughout the building the walls are decorated with historical photos of local events, featuring everything from motorcades with famous people to motorcycle events. For the historical buff they had on display old booking registers and the crimes people were arrested for. My, the page they had the one book open up to were names of prostitutes. I say historical, but my thought was that it wasn’t so long ago that those ladies of the night might still be around. I am guessing they wouldn’t appreciate the publicity. I did take some photos and to show how decent a guy I am, I deleted them.


Salt Lake City Public Safety Building





What often marks a construction rarity, the building was built on time and on budget.  Oh by the way, you do not want to be an arrested guest of Salt Lake City Public Safety Building. Just Saying.