Use A Lender Referred By Your REALTOR

money housesPlease Use A Lender Referred By Your REALTOR. This is the 27th article that I have written for our MediaOne Real Estate blog.

Unlike this blog/website, the MediaOne blog, click here for it, is almost all about real estate. Here we give you a few posts on that topic but will be focusing on Utah.

This is taken from a post on the MediaOne blog.

I suggest that you consider it significant that this is the 3rd article on today’s topic, that of using a vendor or in this case a lender that was referred to you by a REALTOR®. Even though this advice is always wise, it is extremely important when purchasing a home.

Events of this past week lead me to this topic again as we had a closing that had stress to all parties.Stress is never wasn’t wanted. It was caused by a client ignoring this advice.

When purchasing a home there are a few important reasons to close on time. They can be as serious as the buyers being put in a position to lose the right to buy the home. Purchase transactions all are subject to terms of what in Utah we call the REPC or Real Estate Purchase Contract. The closing date is part of the contract. Never miss a closing date. There may be reasons a seller or sellers might want to not close. They may have remorse about leaving their treasured home. They may have a better offer backing up your offer.

Never miss a closing date. Click here for the rest of the article