Why Live In Downtown Salt Lake City?

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This article is related to an actual buyer I am trying to  help. They want to live in downtown Salt Lake City. They also want a three bedroom condominium which makes things very difficult based on the price range they are after, $300,000 to $600,000.00. Yes, that seems like a a broad range, but they do want nice and this is where nice begins and is the maximum of their budget.

So why downtown I ask, and how close to what? When I am searching downtown homes in the MLS I have found the better search to be by zip codes 84101, 84102, 84103, and 84111. This way I cover all directions and include downtown. It actually covers too much, but it isn’t difficult to eliminate some of the homes or condominiums that don’t meet my search criteria. Interestingly they want to be able to walk without too much effort to Temple Square and City Creek. They are in their 70’s and want to have the incentive to walk a bit, in other words close to the target places but not right at them. They also want a walkable walk to events that are happening in downtown. Their immediate thought was the ideal property was American Towers. It isn’t right at City Creek or across the street from Temple Square.

My initial search of these four zip codes brought up 58 condos. That might seem like a lot but some are too far. Oops, I left out that part of the criteria is  3 bedroom in this search. Adding three bedrooms to the mix brought the total down to eight. That could be a good enough number to find the right home, let’s take a closer look at these results.

One is in the Westgate lofts. In this case I have three issues: 1- It is under construction. I need to ask my clients if they can wait a couple of months. 2- Here is the write up about this unit – Downtown Living At Its Best! Penthouse Loft with amazing city views, two level living, geo-thermal heat/cool, garage park,secure lockout elevator,storage,new construction with established HOA. Buyer to choose finishes; paint, flooring, fixtures etc. List price is un-finished price. Can you see what I see? It is unfinished. Will this deter our buyer? What is the cost actually going to be? 3- Yes, you guessed it, it’s a loft. People in their seventies aren’t likely to want two of their three bedrooms up a set of stairs. So are we now down to seven options?

This next one is so appealing, it is vacant, that I grabbed Kathleen and went and took a look. It is in Wasatch Towers. We liked it. As lovers of  homes, we have owned five in the last twenty five years including two condominiums, we spent a couple of hours in it thinking could we like living here? We do that on all homes we look at. The answer was yes. It is a spacious feeling 2000 square feet. It is three bedrooms. Every room in this home except one bedroom has an incredible westerly and northerly view. It sits up high on the side of the east hill of Salt Lake City. The kitchen is especially nice. You can see the details of this home  by clicking here. But of course there is a problem and it isn’t the $335,000 price. I just wrote the problem, it sits up high on the east hill of Salt Lake. It is within a block of the University of Utah and it is not only 12 blocks east and one block south of their target activities the last two blocks going home would be a pretty steep climb. Ok, I need to know if this is too much exercise for this aging couple. If not, this is a must see. Click here for the details of this listing.

Our third option, things are moving up in price on each, is in Governors Plaza. Click here for that condo. Governors Plaza is a terrific facility. Homes here go up to around a million. This one is $349,900 for 1584 square feet. The exercise room and pool is so great here, maybe they wont need to worry that this is almost six blocks from the target activities. For those who don’t know Salt Lake City, six blocks here is quite a walk. And oh, winter is coming.

The next two homes are in the Mayflower, $359,000 and $369,000 and spacious, click here and here. Again, not exactly downtown, twelve long blocks from City Creek and Temple Square. There are three options left, how close to the city can we come? OK, the Parc at Gateway is number six. We are getting closer and Trax goes too and fro. Gateway Shopping Center is there, this might do the trick except that this unit is getting in the smaller range, 1600 square feet. So, is Gateway close enough and is the size ok? Click here for that unit.

Here is the write up on our #7 option: Walk down “A” Street steps to City Creek & Memorial Grove or head southwest to the City Creek Center, the museums, the symphony, the historic Temple Square. Take light rail from South Temple to points east or south. Skiing is only about 40 minutes away. This condo is on the edge of downtown. Watch the sun rise and set on one of the three balconies this condo offers. You can enjoy the sweeping views north or south or east from the open living area or the loft. Oh & by the way, this penthouse unit has three bedrooms, 2 baths including a master bath, its own laundry and was updated three years ago with quartz counter tops.

Yes this is in the avenues, close to downtown, but it takes one up a steep walk to get home. The original criteria was more to the South of this spot, but perhaps we should show this one, right?

The last one I think is definitely out, way up the hill to Northpoint Estates. Click here for that option.

By the way the links to these listings are only live while the home is on the market. When sold, the MLS takes them down.

My hunch is that most, maybe all of these are too big a walk to meet the objectives. This leads us to wonder if two bedrooms and a den make sense. They originally connected with me at an open house that met this criteria, a den instead of a third bedroom. This gives us eight more options, some pretty close to downtown.