Is Salt Lake City A Great Part of Utah or What?

The focus of this blog will be all Utah topics. The contributors will be agents, REALTORS®  that work for MediaOne Real Estate. We, like our viewers, have a variety of interests and areas we live and work in. Our goal is to provide a steady stream of interesting content about Utah. This article is to point out that of course, Salt Lake City A Great Part of Utah.

Salt Lake City is the hub of Utah Government activity. It is the largest city in Utah. So why not make the point, “Salt Lake City is a great part of Utah, that’s what.

How about this evening photo? It will be our pleasure to add about Salt Lake City to this blog/website.

slc night

Many come here as tourists, some come for other reasons and decide they like it here. Several now own a second home in Salt Lake City. The above photo gets the tip of Temple Square and the LDS Family History Library. These attract people worldwide. City Creek Mall is in downtown and has turned out to be one of the finest malls in the nation, a successful one too.

We have our favorite sporting teams in basketball, soccer, and AAA baseball. Of course we are close to skiing famous world wide. I hear talk we are going to bid for another Olympics, after all the last one was extremely successful in all aspects.

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