Draper, Utah Real Estate Statistics

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Draper, Utah Real Estate Statistics.

Each Saturday I try and publish statistics regarding Utah, mostly the Salt Lake City Area. Even though we are anxious to place local information of various interesting topics besides real estate, today is Saturday and it’s the day to get some statistics up. So I’ll pick a community that I haven’t touched upon yet in our MediaOne Real Estate Blog. Today is our first article about Draper. Draper is an interesting place. We will cover it many times here on UtahMore.com. Your interests would be welcome comments.

Draper is in Wasatch Front MLS, area 108 and areas 528. Click here for the MLS area map.

Draper is in southern and eastern Salt Lake County and continues south and up to just over the point of the mountain into Utah County. At that southern point, on top of the mountain, near point of the mountain, there are amazing views where both Salt Lake County and Utah County valleys are laid out in breathtaking views. This home (click here) from the recent Parade of Homes has those views. I had to return one evening to just sit on the deck and soak them up. As I write this article the home is still on the market. When the home sells, the link will be cancelled by the MLS. This previous click here link will also will be taken to my MediaOne website. This is the finest home search engine in Utah.

Draper is also home to a magnificent Mormon Temple. These are not open to the public except during an open house period prior to being dedicated as a Temple.

The median home price of homes currently on the market in Draper is $489,200. The low price is $154,000 and the high is $5,900,000. How is that for a span? There are currently 252 homes for sale in Draper with an average day on market of 85 days. I have written on the MediaOne blog that absorption rate is a better read on the time it takes to sell a home. That article is here. Below is a graphic on absorption rate for Draper.

This first chart shows a breakdown by listing price and Median Days on market. If your plan is to purchase over five million and it must be in Draper, you better get going as there is only one that meets this criteria that is currently on the market. Oh, maybe you could wait a couple of days without fear of being aced out, it has been on the market for 688 days.

Draper November 15 mkt stats

Check out the absorption rate report, also below.

 Draper absorption rate, Nov