Draper Utah From A Real Estate Agent Perspective

This is Draper Utah Week on UtahMore.com. As my daily real estate focus is on downtown Salt Lake City I was delighted that one of our great agents, Leslie Saunders has sold a few homes in Draper. Leslie was an interesting interview with a good understanding of Draper. Leslie’s most recent Draper Utah sale is the property below. You cannot really see the home, it’s not visible. Note the neighborhood though. A neighbor purchased the home as a tear down. The added property brought his land to be five acres. The purchased land size was .58 acres. The home went under contract in seven days and closed in fourteen days.  What do you think the purchase price was? The home was older, it had been a rental. The value to the buyer was not as a rental. It was listed for sale for $259,900. It sold for $220,000 all cash.


Leslie would be a good contact if you want an agent that knows Draper Utah. Her website is setup for you to start searching. LesSellsMore.com. You will also find some of her featured listings on the site. You can contact Leslie by phone at Cell: (435) 503-4203


Draper Utah Home

Draper Utah Home


It is often the case that your buyer is a neighbor or a friend of a neighbor. Understanding this, whenever I take a listing I put a small sign in the yard, not being willing to wait for our sign installer with the standard pillar and post sign. I want it known immediately so neighbors can jump on it. My favorite example of this was when I placed a simple arrow sign in the front yard. I hadn’t traveled for five minutes when I received a call from the best friend of the next door neighbor to the north. He knew the home, had been in it, and wanted to live next door to his buddy.


Leslie has sold four homes to the client in this transaction, all in Draper Utah. She knows the area, call her if you are interested in this great town. Tomorrow I will post a follow up article on why Draper Utah is a great place to live and add some more content to this site as the week goes on.