Deseret Book Winter Display

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I have a thing about writing fun things on Friday. I picked the idea up from a friend in Minnesota. After all, writing a blog can be serious business. At lease once a week the topic should be fun, shouldn’t it? This one I assure you will be fun. It is the Deseret Book Winter Display and a sure fire fun experience for all ages. The end result is for 50 cents you experience a cup of cider made in a most unusual way. Kathleen was there the other day and said it was a delight watching children create, so she says, their own apple cider. It is created in a most unusual day. It;s called the Apple Compacter Cider Extractor. It’s fun. You can see it as part of the main window display in the City Creek Deseret Books. Now the Deseret Book Winter Display is not a simple effort. It has gears and grinders, big vats, little vats, giant vats, a big tank, and of course a spigot at the spicing station.

It is a creation around a recipe published by the popular bloggers Six Sisters on their blog. Now this isn’t a simple process, apples – at least they appear to be apples go through a very complicated, visible for fun entertainment, that you can experience as the apple, at least they appear to be apples, travel through the heating tank, the tubes, and arrive at their tasty destination.

Take the entire family for a fun and unique experience. While you are there, the lights went on this evening at Temple Square, that might be a second fun experience. Oh, it’s right in the Zions Mercantile section. There are lots of fun things to pick up there, just my opinion.

PS: Thinking of Friday being fun, we are hoping this entire blog is about fun, real estate posts included.

PSS: The cider comes out warm, it is more than the Deseret Book Winter Display, it’s an experience, and it’s a warm cup of cider.

Zion Merc Cider Machine-0134Deseret Book Winter Display